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Company News About What are the uses of mini excavators?
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What are the uses of mini excavators?

Latest company news about What are the uses of mini excavators?

Mini excavators are often used in special environments, such as embedding projects, pipe laying, trenching operations and so on. Excavators are not always used as a digging machine, builders sometimes use them to drive piles, and perhaps use them to lay pipelines. Therefore, you must pay special attention to the condition of the bucket to ensure that there are no problems with piling, crushing and walking equipment.


Another important part is the bucket cylinder coupling pin and bushing. It is necessary to check the tightness of these places in all directions. Many problems occur due to neglect of protection and inspection.


When you start the machine and move the bucket, stick, and rear arm, you may see the pins or cylinders move, but the stick and bucket don't. This is due to the looseness of the pin shaft and bushing.


Another key point is to carefully observe the connection between the rear arm and the excavator. If the joint under your rear arm wears too much, it may result in losing the value of the entire equipment.


In the specific use of mini excavators, the rubber tracks on mini excavators are different from the steel tracks on large machines, and they are suitable for grass and driveways. Many times you don't get to see the wear and tear of rubber tracks as closely as you look at steel tracks. As a result, you only see the wear of the rubber track, but not a lot of wear on the sprocket and supporting roller. In the end, you can estimate its use by checking the cracks on the rubber track and the wear of the edges, and pay attention to the height of the ribs, just like paying attention to the texture of the tire when looking at the wear of the tire.

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