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Company News About The uses and classification of mini excavators
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The uses and classification of mini excavators

Latest company news about The uses and classification of mini excavators

The use of mini excavators

Mini excavators are mostly used in the following operations:

1.Excavation of building and factory foundations.

2.Excavate soil materials and peel off the overburden of the mining site.

3.Loading operations in quarries, tunnels, underground workshops and stockyards.

4.Excavation roads, canals and dredged waterways.

5.After replacing the operating equipment, pouring, lifting, equipment, piling, ramming and other operations can be carried out.


Classification of common small excavators There are many ways to classify small excavators, and only 5 are introduced below. That is, they are classified according to walking equipment method, transmission method, working equipment method, driving method and use.


Classification of mini excavators


1.Classification according to the method of traveling equipment: there are two types: crawler type and tire type. Crawler-type mini excavators have small ground pressure, low center of gravity, good stability, and are the most widely used. The tire-type mini excavator travels quickly and has good maneuverability.


2.Classified by transmission method: there are two types: mechanical and hydraulic. Mechanical single-bucket micro excavators rely on mechanical transmission and require various gearboxes, winches, wire ropes, hooks, pulleys and other parts. The structure is complex and has been gradually chosen among small and medium-sized single-bucket micro excavators. The hydraulic single-bucket mini excavator eliminates many complex mechanical central transmission parts, simplifies the structure, improves transmission performance, operates smoothly, operates flexibly, and has high productivity.


3.Classification according to the working equipment method: there are backhoe, front shovel, grab shovel, drag shovel and other methods. When backhoeing, the excavation direction is toward the fuselage and is used to excavate the soil below the parking surface. The operation is flexible and widely used. It is the main working equipment method among hydraulic mini excavators.


4.Classified by driving method: There are two types of mini excavators driven by internal combustion engines and mini excavators driven by electric power. Electric mini excavators are mainly used in plateau anoxia, underground mines and other flammable and explosive places.


5.Classification by use: Mini excavators can be roughly divided into different categories such as general mini excavators, mining mini excavators, marine mini excavators, and tailless mini excavators.


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