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Company News About How to maintain your excavator?
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How to maintain your excavator?

Latest company news about How to maintain your excavator?

There are several aspects to pay attention to in excavator maintenance:
1. Engine:
(1) Engine oil and oil filter elements should be replaced according to the prescribed maintenance intervals. The old engine needs to be cared for more carefully, and the oil and filter replacement time can be shortened as appropriate to make the engine life longer.
(2) Check the air filter element frequently. When the outer filter element has a lot of dust, use compressed air to blow it from the inside to the outside. The air pressure should not be too high to prevent the filter element from being blown out. The inner filter cannot be cleaned. After cleaning the outer filter 2 or 3 times, replace it with a new one at the same time as the inner filter.
(3) Do not use the idling work for a long time in order to save fuel and prevent carbon deposition.

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2. Hydraulic pressure:
(1) Replace the hydraulic oil, oil return filter element, and pilot filter element according to the specified maintenance cycle, and pay attention to whether there are iron filings and copper filings on the filter element.
(3) When using a breaker, the deterioration of hydraulic oil is accelerated, and the replacement cycle should be shortened.
(4) Do not work without oil for a long time. After replacing hydraulic oil or hydraulic components, pay attention to exhaust air.

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3. Electrical:
(1) Pay attention to waterproofing, do not work in deep water, and do not wash electrical components directly with water when cleaning.
(2) Do not pile sundries in the battery box, especially metal tools, which may cause fire.
(3) Do not replace the insurance with iron wire and copper wire, and do not replace the insurance with substandard insurance.
(4) When the excavator is parked for a long time, the battery cable should be removed to prevent power feeding.
4. Machinery:
(1) Slewing reducer, travel reducer replace gear oil periodically.
(2) Pay attention to clean up the dirt and debris on the pin shaft part, and add butter.
(3) For wading operations, when the water overflows the rotary ring gear, pay attention to replace the butter in the rotary ring gear.Pay attention to the rust prevention of the cylinder rod.
(4) When the excavator is parked for a long time, apply butter to the exposed metal parts to prevent rust.

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5. Structure:
(1) Check whether the pin bolts are loose, falling off or missing every day, and tighten them in time.
(2) Check the structure for cracks and deformation every day.
(3) Pay attention to the surrounding environment when parking the excavator, park it on a solid, stable and hard ground, and do not park by the river, cliff, or under the hillside to prevent accidents.
(4) When parking, the bucket cylinder is fully retracted, and the bucket falls to the ground to prevent the cylinder from being hit.