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Company News About Fuel-saving tips for mini excavators
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Fuel-saving tips for mini excavators

Latest company news about Fuel-saving tips for mini excavators

Everyone who drives a mini excavator knows that, in addition to the maintenance of the machine, the daily operating cost accounts for most of the cost. It is burning oil. Every time you refuel the machine, do you faint and feel heartache? Because it is inevitable to refuel, it is necessary to start from the throttling Oil (to some hard drives today) is working hard to provide you with fuel-saving tips for excavator operation.
1. When loading, the excavator should be in a higher position, and the truck should be parked at the same height as the work surface. The reason is simple, a stone, is it as hard as your head when you lift your knee? How much "energy" will it save ?Assuming the height is the same as before, you can increase the power by 40%. Cool!
2. When the bucket cylinder and the connecting rod, the ejector cylinder and the ejector are all at 90°, each cylinder pushes the excavator with the maximum force.
3. When excavating natural ground, the bucket or loosening device should keep the ground angle at about 30°, and then retract the bucket lever. When the bucket lever is close to vertical, the bucket lever has the maximum force and can withstand Larger loads. The two keys are like bending the arm to carry something, or keeping the arm straight, bent of course.
4. At the beginning of excavation, do not extend the bucket rod to the maximum function range, and the best function range is about 80%.
5. Bucket shaft excavation plan: The angle of the bucket shaft from the farthest 45° to the inside is 30°. The excavation depth is slightly different, but the larger stick and bucket should be operated within this plan, while the Do not use at the end of hydraulic cylinder stroke.
6. During continuous excavation, put the chassis forward so that you can walk immediately after excavation. If you want to walk, please change it again, you will burn a lot of oil at the beginning and end.
7. When digging the trench, first dig the two ends of the trench, and then dig the center part. In this way, excavating in the center can save a lot of work and energy.
8. Put the engine in the economic gear. Select auto idle to allow the engine to idle during excavation.
9, Minimize the radius of rotation.
10. The smaller the excavation depth, the better the excavation economy.
It is divided into upper, middle and lower layers of excavation. Assuming that it is carried out in sequence from low to high, the function scale will first increase, and then decrease due to the increase in the power scale of the excavator, reducing the operating efficiency, which will cost a lot of oil.

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