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Company News About Cleaning and maintenance of mini excavator "three filters"
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Cleaning and maintenance of mini excavator "three filters"

Latest company news about Cleaning and maintenance of mini excavator

The three types of filters for mini excavators are mainly air filters, diesel filters and oil filters. This is one of the tasks that our machine friends often come into contact with, but do you know these three specific filtering process maintenance methods?


The so-called "three filters" are air filter, diesel filter and oil filter connected to the air filter. The "three filters" are cleaned in a timely manner, which helps to completely improve engine performance, reduce engine failure rate, and extend engine life. The following is an engineer's introduction to a mini water conservancy excavator.


Keep the air filter of the mini excavator clean


Too many air filters will block the inflow of external air and affect the mixing ratio of air and diesel. According to inspections, about 15 grams of air are needed to completely burn about one gram of diesel fuel. If there is a lack of air in the cylinder, the mixture will not be completely burned, the diesel will be wasted, the engine will lack power, and most of the HC and CO components in the exhaust gas will also be polluted.


The air inevitably contains dust and other impurities, depending on the soil, climate and travel conditions in the area. Tests have shown that when trekking on dusty roads, the air filter can filter 0.4 to 1.8 grams of dust per cubic meter of air. In terms of chemical composition, most of this dust is silica. Once it enters the friction surface, it will penetrate the lubricating oil film, increase the wear of the engine cylinder, and shorten the engine life.


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