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Company News About Causes of mini excavator fires
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Causes of mini excavator fires

Latest company news about Causes of mini excavator fires

Experts say that in general, mini excavator products do not cause fires in normal repair. In particular cases, long-term neglect, maintenance and repair is not timely. Improper operation by the operator, unauthorised modifications to the electrical system, arson and other causes are the main reasons for "spontaneous" or other fire incidents.


According to the statistics of insurance companies, most of the small excavator fires occur in the vicinity of the diesel fuel tank or engine, as well as fires, improper conversion of the electrical system, short-circuits and other causes of leakage of fuel lines. Fuse improper use of the incident ratio is very high. Although the likelihood is very small, but once it happens, the value of the mini excavator equipment more than a million dollars in economic losses is very large.


Therefore, it is particularly important to prevent and protect against this type of fire. Experts suggest that a better way to prevent spontaneous combustion of mini-excavators is to check and maintain mini-excavators on a regular basis to prevent such problems from occurring. Firstly, check the engine, hydraulic and electrical systems for leaks or deterioration. Timely cleaning of the engine system to ensure that the engine surface. Otherwise, it is necessary to strengthen the self-service operators. Many mini excavators are not equipped with fire extinguishers. In the event of an accident, the operator is unable to save lives. It is important to have fire fighting equipment, such as dry powder extinguishers, checked once a year at the local fire fighting equipment shop.


When travelling uphill, please note:


1. Check the angle of the slope to see if it is within the functional range of the excavator. If the slope is too steep, please swing the material from the upper part of the slope to the lower part to reduce the slope.


2. Remove large stones. When climbing on steep slopes, rocks can also cause the tracks to slide and then cause the excavator to move forward.


3. When climbing a slope, lower the centre of gravity of the vehicle as much as possible, extend the arm to the head and keep the bottom of the bucket at 90 degrees to the slope to prevent the bottom of the excavator from sliding into the excavator. Bottom.


4, sometimes you will encounter with the excavator climbing loose arm, the excavator can slip, in order to don't plug this situation, the weight of the mini excavator can be like this: will shovel digging as deep as possible, press on the power, when the arm to receive the head, don't spread it, let him tilt, small excavator, fireproof material along the track downward, small excavator in the back of the track to form a pile. Do not underestimate this pile of small things, you can put the excavator down permanently. When left at the bottom of the bucket and excavator without sliding down, slowly move the arm to the head and should be tied to the front. The deeper the better.


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