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Company News About Application scope of mini excavator
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Application scope of mini excavator

Latest company news about Application scope of mini excavator

In view of the particularity of the application scope of mini excavators, end users must not conduct preliminary investigation and preparation for the following conditions before operating a small excavator:


1. Before entering the construction site, you need to carefully understand the construction conditions and tasks. After entering the work site, you should strictly abide by the relevant safety regulations of the construction site. The construction conditions and tasks include: the height and depth of filling and excavation, the status and location of exposed cables, various pipes, slopes and wire heights, tombs, tunnels and various obstacles.

2. Carefully check whether the circuit switch contacts and insulation are in good condition.

3. Check whether the excavator's fuel, lubricating oil, and coolant are sufficient. If they are insufficient, add them in time. When adding fuel, it is strictly forbidden to smoke or get close to an open flame to avoid causing a fire.

4. Check the pipelines and operating valves, working cylinders, oil pumps, etc. of the hydraulic system for leaks and abnormal movements.

5. Check whether the wire rope and the clips fixing the wire rope are firm and secure.

6. When the excavator is operating in rocky soil or frozen soil, blasting should be stopped first, and then excavation should be stopped.

7. Inspect, maintain, adjust and tighten the excavator according to daily routine maintenance items.

8. Place the main clutch control lever in the "neutral" position and start the engine (if you start by hand, be careful that the handle may hit someone; if you start with a hand pull rope, do not wrap the pull rope around your hand). Check whether each instrument, transmission mechanism, working device, and braking mechanism are normal. Only after confirmation is correct can you start working.

9. After the engine is started, personnel are strictly prohibited from standing in the bucket, on the arm, on the tracks and in the cab.


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