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Company News About Analyzing the disastrous mini excavator rollover phenomenon
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Analyzing the disastrous mini excavator rollover phenomenon

Latest company news about Analyzing the disastrous mini excavator rollover phenomenon

1.Visual impairment

The cab of the mini excavator is located on the left, and the forced arm in the center blocks the view, so there is a large blind spot on the right side (especially the rear right side). Many excavator accidents are caused by people being injured or killed when their tails rotate clockwise! Therefore, if you are working in a location that is not too large, you should place the small excavator as far away as possible, leaving more space on the right side.

On a mini excavator, the rearview mirror is very weak. It often breaks down during operation or transportation. Many drivers feel it when they come into contact with it. If it doesn't matter, it won't be replaced by a new rearview mirror. In fact, the rear view mirror of a small excavator is very important, especially on the right side. Accidents are usually caused by lack of safety awareness!

2. Working in the ditch

When the mini excavator is digging a trench, if the construction worker says that the front height is wrong, do not dig in the trench, but let him dig again in the trench. For him, regardless of the geology, he could only evacuate at most half of the runway separation under any circumstances. No matter how much it is, it is unsafe and at risk of collapse. Maybe the construction workers will say they can do it again. Don't listen to him because he cares more about the ditch than your safety. Qualified drivers must have their own thinking methods and safety awareness. This is fundamental professional ethics. Therefore, when digging a trench, do not go back and dig again. If you're not sure, have a builder look at a few things. If you're not sure, dig in slowly. Get out of the car and get out of the car. See the slope of the trench. If you need to go back and excavate a long distance, you will need to backfill the ditch first. It's cheesy but safe.


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