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Company News About Agricultural Function of Mini Excavator
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Agricultural Function of Mini Excavator

Latest company news about Agricultural Function of Mini Excavator

Mini excavators, with their advantages of small size, strong power, low fuel consumption and high sensitivity, can carry out construction operations such as digging fertilizer ditches and fruit tree pits in the orchard. Power, but also save labor costs. At the same time, the multi-functional small excavator is also suitable for road greening repair, excavation of cable trenches, landfill pipelines, mining and mining, subway tunnels in narrow and congested spaces, suitable for coal washing plants, paper mills, sugar factories and other factories and mines. Picking and transporting, suitable for plowing and fermenting bedding operations in pig farms, chicken farms and other farms.


First, wide applicability. The mini excavator is small in size and flexible, and is very suitable for various pipeline excavation, foundation construction, public utilities and house repairs in towns and villages. The mini excavator's compact size and special design enable it to work in environments where large excavators cannot construct.


Second, versatility. The real benefit of a mini excavator is its versatility. Due to the relevant hydraulic power system, mini excavators can be equipped with many auxiliary working tools, such as equipped with rollers and plate compactors for landfill compaction of trenches; equipped with breakers and hydraulic tongs for lightweight lifting operations; equipped with rotary Drilling tools are used for drilling holes, fishing hooks are used for lifting heavy objects; equipment grippers are used for shoveling operations and so on.


Third, obvious job characteristics. The design and application of the tail turning radius is zero, so that the excavator operator does not need to consider whether there are obstacles on the construction site to prevent the excavator from rolling when the small excavator is working in an environment with limited working space, so that the operator can focus more on the bucket This also avoids damage to buildings around the construction site and the excavator itself. The most important feature of a mini excavator suitable for operations in narrow areas is its special boom and stick design. The boom of the mini excavator is articulated with the fuselage, which allows it to shake in a large range. This design enables the excavator to avoid obstacles when there are obstacles around without moving the fuselage frequently. At the same time, this also allows the excavator to facilitate excavation work around the wall or fence. The rubber track of the small excavator helps to reduce the damage to the phenomenon area and travel within the narrow construction range during the construction of the excavator.


Fourth, it is convenient to transport and move the workplace. Mini excavators are easy to transport between various construction sites, and do not need large trailers or heavy trucks for transport, and small transport items can carry them. This not only facilitates transportation, but also greatly reduces the transportation cost of the machine.

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